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BG2EE : things that no longer work

deratiseurderatiseur Member Posts: 228
I'm listing here at least 2 things that worked on oBG2 but no longer work on BG2EE:

1: I created Jason Voorhes for one of my mods, who is an immortal undead: after each death he gets back up with full health after 6 rounds. On oBG2, it works (cast spell on death, effects delayed 36 seconds). On BG2EE, it's impossible: I can cast a spell on it the instant it dies, but no time delay works: not 6 rounds later, not even 1 second later. Even a "wait" in the script doesn't work any more. I've tried 36 differents ways, nothing works.

2: on oBG2 a priest can use Contingency or Sequencers (spell changed to clerical or item ability). On BG2EE if a priest uses one of these two effects it crashes or makes the game crash.
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