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Sneak and Backstab for a beginner on HOW difficulty

megaman12megaman12 Member Posts: 39
What increases your chances of a successful backstab or sneak attack as a fighter/thief.
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  • MuddledFlameMuddledFlame Member Posts: 5
    your Thaco and your proficiencies, as you are a fighter/thief it is good to have your strength points maximized as it is the primary requirement of a fighter, you can use strength potions or increase your strength through spells, if I'm not mistaken you get a +4 bonus to hit when you become invisible and attack someone, the higher your level the greater the chance of a hit because of the fighter's Thaco progression
  • megaman12megaman12 Member Posts: 39
    Thank you. :)
  • megaman12megaman12 Member Posts: 39
    I've heard you can do a back-stab and or sneak attack on your enemy while he is incapacitated/blind like on POE without being hidden what's that all about?
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