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RTwP with co-op

BrecMadakBrecMadak Member Posts: 1
Greetings everyone,

Did you know that besides the isometric cRPGs, specifically BG and IWD, there is a lack of cRPGs that offer both real-time with pause (RTwP) and co-op experiences? It seems that the current trend in the RPG genre leans heavily towards one side, either focusing on RTwP without multiplayer or featuring multiplayer but only in turn-based (TB) mode. This leaves a niche area that deserves attention and exploration.

I would like to explore the concept further and highlight the benefits of RTwP gameplay. It provides a satisfying blend of micro-management and adrenaline-inducing moments that would appeal to old-school RTS players who also appreciate RPG mechanics. It's unfortunate that this sub-genre has been somewhat forgotten, but I believe there is still a significant number of players who would be interested in new games that combine RTwP with co-op functionality.

In my opinion, RTwP gameplay feels more natural as it allows for continuous action without waiting for turns of every NPC. This creates unique player responses and allows for strategic breaks when needed. It combines the skill-based gameplay of real-time mechanics with the tactical advantages of turn-based mechanics.

I invite you all to share your thoughts on why we don't see more examples of games that feature both RTwP and co-op. Let's discuss this intriguing topic together.
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