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I want my money back please

use to take hours up hours to setup baldurs gate 1 multiplayer. tcp/ip always failed, lan was a joke. and if there was serial cables still goin on back then, we def tried em.

so anyway, i bought 3 games wit the same credit card for me and friends. and all of us played a few minutes into it on single player, seemed ok. not much new except they ruined gorions fight...

Then we goto multiplayer. ik how to open my ports, i evn made myself DMZ host. seemes only 1 other person can connect to the server, the rest cant see eachothers name.

-they cant hear eachother talk, trade, interact, ANYTHING.

- the game crashes when we REST at an INN. somthin bout the cinematics there....

- game somtimes allowes rest outside of the city.

- we tried to get is goin for houuuuuuuuurs. going on days now.

its not evn worth playing if we cant play multiplayer. thats the ONLY REASON we got the game because bg1 origionally had so many issues. but it seems nothings changed. i want my money back, as do my friends.

iv been lanning games since it was invented. we use to serial link war 2 and doom 2 before itwas evn 'public'. we've tried every possible arrangements of hosts, routers, killled aLL firewalls, opened ports, and yet, here i sit, dayys later now and still havnt made it out of candlekeep together.

i absolutely Completly remember the advertisements saying it was fixed. i want a full refund on all 3 games which i foolishly purchased. your advertisement was a sham. please have your lawyers contact mine.

send it to my email address so we can figure this out. our family lawyer is luckly home for the holidays. he was very interested in your Exact words in your advertisements, starting back when the countdown started.

iv also sent a petition but ill ressend this as well to insure you get it.

you've soiled good old baldur's gates name. i will do anything in my power to try n reestablish its once good name. just loook what blizzard did to diablo 1 and 2.

useless. u guys took so long on this , and look howit came out. i would be embarassed to put my name on the ''enhanced edition''. you've failed , and once again disapointed 1000's of old school dedicated bg players.

there are simply no words.



  • mch202mch202 Member Posts: 1,455
    It was said before that on launch the Multiplayer is beta:
    Twitter said:

    Trent Oster ‏@TrentOster

    At launch, multiplayer is Beta. It still requires direct connection via IP address. We plan to update aggressively.

    Tweeter said:

    Trent Oster ‏@TrentOster

    @selectstartdrew We have a couple multiplayer bugs that slipped in. We are working on them.

    Tweeter said:

    Trent Oster ‏@TrentOster

    @Canageek We've got a nasty multiplayer bug at the moment which we are fighting with. 3+ player stability is shaky. We're working on it.

    Anyway they are working on it as you can understand, now you might want to wait for near-future updates, otherwise I suggest you to contact Beamdog at [email protected]

  • tomhims5441tomhims5441 Member Posts: 8
    yeh , ill b beyond pissed if i dont get my money back for this piece. i knew it was too good to be true lol.
    every1 i kno playin alrdy moved onto bigger n better things.

    seems like all the games lately are jus horrid. justa bunch of clueless wankers making fantasy games that are too setup. (thats y i loved bg so much =\ )

    another thing that Realllly bothers me is that you goofus'S announced it to launched over the summer, n then alllll the way back to nov 30th... and then what do you do?

    lol, you release it on the 28th, 2 days early and its still bugged and retarded.

    as far as im concerned, you jus punked me and stole $ from me while killing my dreams.

    im purposely going out of my way to advertise against your company if its even ever brought up in anything.


  • PinkRosePinkRose Member Posts: 102
    Send an e-mail to [email protected]
    Have a nice day.

    Also, please don't use the word "retarded" as you did.
    Thank you.

  • tomhims5441tomhims5441 Member Posts: 8
    they jus sure dont make em like they use to i guess =\ jus vry dissapointing.

  • Drake1977Drake1977 Member Posts: 7
    LOL, you want to seriously sue over $60. That's funny, must be an out of work lawyer. Here's tip, your family needs a new lawyer if he's willing to take go for a lawsuit based on $60. They said multiplayer was "beta", what part of that didn't you understand? They also said if you run into problems let them know, what part of that didn't you understand? Again, if your "family lawyer" is that desperate for work that he'll go after a handful of people for $60. Maybe you should have a sit down talk with your family, go upstairs out of your basement and tell mommy and daddy that the lawyer is lame.

  • VintrastormVintrastorm Member Posts: 216
    I must say, though, that the "multiplayer is beta" info could've been more clearly expressed on the homepage. Right now it's a bit misleading and I can understand that people are getting disappointed.

    They did however change the release date info on the homepage for the mac and ipad versions from "coming in november" to "coming soon".

  • ST4TICStrikerST4TICStriker Member Posts: 162

    they jus sure dont make em like they use to i guess =\ jus vry dissapointing.

    I honestly can't understand a word you said....

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    As was stated above, send an email to [email protected] and tell them that you'd like a refund. They'll make sure you get your money back.

    As for the multiplayer, it should be working better once they've sorted out the rest of the release's problems and have time to devote to it properly. Check back in a couple months if you're still interested in the game, and it should look a lot better.

  • ArcticArctic Member Posts: 76
    to talk while playing the best you can do is use skype. I use it when playing p&p d&d

  • tomhims5441tomhims5441 Member Posts: 8
    lolll this games killllin me.

    every update i hope they Fixed multiplayer. its even more Super lame that me and my friends are familar with the routers, ports ect ect, yet no matter what we try,, we cant havea full multiplayer game.

    i REALLLY duno how me and every1 else i kno that was into bg, no1 noticed that multiplayer was in beta. i thought their online goofy ''gamespy'' like thing was guna host games. i figured That was still in beta.

    why would you launch a game, delay it, n then release it 2 days earlier when the multiplayer is wack.

    simple tcp/ip, cmonnnnn...... like really tho?

    only thing we could think of is that they want every1 to use their servers so they can show ad's.

    u think ifi cancel the charge on the credit card i can send this garbo back?

  • moopymoopy Member Posts: 938
    I wanted to say fail troll is fail, but it looked like it worked on most everyone.

    No one I've ever met was smart enough to play, enjoy, and setup the old games you reference and be this stupid.

  • YimethYimeth Member Posts: 21
    This version is bad, the voices aren't multilanguage, wish i could get my money back, I Regret Buying it.
    -1 BGEE
    +1 BG Original

  • tomhims5441tomhims5441 Member Posts: 8
    edited December 2012
    funny, i wrote them 3 emails requesting a refund. thats the only reason i bought it. the rest of my friends jus took the $20 hit and moved on alrdy lol.

    i cant wait till a real game comes out.

    i want my money backk1111!!!!!!
    (this must be a college project or something with like 7 kids tryin to juice money out of a classic by adding a few simple things n making a countdown for it. 0o00o)

    L a m e.... more upset than anything tho really. i Was countin the days down to the hour. and this is what you come up with? pffft

    ---Text removed. Really, people. Don't promote piracy, especially when you're on the forum for a developer.

    Post edited by Dee on
  • PadentonPadenton Member Posts: 48
    dude, it's 20 bucks. Go email their support system about it and stop whining like a 10 year old that's only got 1 week to play the whole game before he has to go back to school. Yeah, it's got a few bugs, but you're throwing a hissy fit and yelling "oh im gonna call my lawyer and sue your company!" They've admitted the bugs, they're working on them.

    You realize it costs money to file a lawsuit? Keep this frivolous crap out of the courts, they have enough of that already. Maybe if you didn't do psychedelic drugs all the time you would realize this. You suing Beamdog over a $20 game is like that woman who sued McDonalds for 'making her fat'.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    This is the first and only warning I'm going to issue, @tomhims5441: Promoting piracy or any other illegal activity is not something I'm about to tolerate on these forums. I've removed the errant line from your post; let that be the end of it.

    That goes for everyone, incidentally. Rant and rave all you want about how frustrated you are, but the line ends at breaking the law.

    That is all.

  • PadentonPadenton Member Posts: 48
    edited December 2012
    Just want to clarify: tomhims5441 does not represent the filesharing community, the philosophy guiding many who are part of it, any national Pirate Party organization, or any associated movements. And for all such people I know of, that also loved Baldur's Gate as I did, they have already purchased BG:EE, through official channels. :-)

  • TrentOsterTrentOster Administrator, Developer Posts: 433
    @tomhims5441 We've been having multiplayer problems as we try to bring 14 year old code which is exceptionally complicated into a modern operating system. If you've ever done development you would understand the challenge. Suffice to say it is very difficult to diagnose the state of four or five separate computers all trying to send information back and forth while executing a half million lines of complex rules code. We are trying our best and I'm confident we will resolve the issues as we better understand them. The fans of the series who are helping us out be keeping track of the problems and helping us to reproduce them under controlled conditions so we can fix them have our gratitude.
    I'll personally ensure you get your refund.


  • tomhims5441tomhims5441 Member Posts: 8
    ya i got the refund thank you very much. and sorry about the piracy or w.e rule i broke. u all kno how it is, i guess its jus u cant mention it here.
    and yes, nodoubt im sure theres alot of problems going thru ancient code from forever ago, but i feel like you pulled a Vanguard. (the mmo that was released before it was finished). usually when games come out, they're complete. and i totally understand theres going to be errors at launch,, but its the same errors we had 15 something years ago.

    game somtimes worked multiplayer for lan, if every1 could get ipx/spx. but there wer still problems with dropping every so often, or jus dumping all together. i remember there was like a list of goofy steps we had to take jus to play the game together.
    (and dont evn get me started on gamespy and heat lol)

    it really soured my day when i setup my router, opened firewalls n ports, and i went to host and it failed lol. went thru every1s computers, made sure it was good on Everyones end. yet still crashes.

    last time we all played together, it was still wack.
    host and 1 other person worked ok.
    host and 2 others worked ok too.
    but after 3+ things would go nutty.

    and not like simple crashes, like weird crashes. forcing every1 to restart bg, or if one person didnt, it would crash. the names would b messed up.

    the old multiplayer ''formula'' seemed to be much simpler and you could figure it out in time, usually atleast. this Enhanced version was jus too wacked. we've been lanning n playing games forever and for this game to still be broken and being sold as enhanced is just too much =\.

    and lastly, one of my friends who had given up on multiplayer, finished the game on single player and told me that after he played it thru, he still wanted his money back.

    you put bg2 into bg1, and added a anti pally. i just dont see the improvements except for the zoom in and out.

    have you guys ever seen the mods they do to games in a simple goofy community college?
    and in only a semester or 2. its mind blowing.. then when you hear that a company is going to overhaul good old baldurs gate, one cant help but hope for the best...

    maybe im just getting old, and i would never mean Any disrespect to a fellow baldur's gate fan, but i feel like you guys robbed us. and finally, your support team is a joke. its taken forever to even get a response about the refund. =\\

  • PinkRosePinkRose Member Posts: 102
    Dude, stop pissing the community off.
    Take your refund and get out!
    This game is exactly what they promised.
    So leave us alone so we can enjoy the game that we think is pretty special.
    Good day, Sir.

    I Said, Good Day!

  • PadentonPadenton Member Posts: 48
    as was said earlier. IT IS A BETA.

    Do you know anything about programming??? If not, shut up, because you have no clue what it takes to develop a game or modify an old game to work with modern hardware and operating systems.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    Ooookay, folks, let's keep it civil. The OP may have crossed some lines (threatening to sue over a game feature being a work in progress is a bit much), but that's no reason to start assaulting him.

    For good measure, and especially since the OP's money has been refunded, I'm closing this thread.

This discussion has been closed.