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Fighter-mage help

This is my first time playing a baulders gate game in any regard (the closest I have been was never winter nights 2). From that game I can easily discern the depth and complexity of BG and the vast implication of ones decisions and as such I seek some character creation help before I set out into the game. I have been using a guide for BG-2 (I think I read somewhere that the BG-enhanced edition uses mechanics from BG-2). The class I think I would like to play is a multiclass half-elf fighter-mage. I admittedly I am lost on stat/ability mechanics and what the priorities for this type of class would be (let’s assume offensive spell caster backed up by two-handed). The guide I refer too assumes a save transfer so the sample fighter-mage was 18-19 in near every skill which of course does not apply for the character creation system. Immediately following this I am asked to pick proficies and immediately I am started by variety. I am attempted to simple put points into two handed by I notice other skills such as battle-staves which seem to blur the line. Assuming I want two-handed skill to supplement my spell casting which would be the most appropriate proficiencies? Finally are they any implications for morality? I would have chosen neutral good but I am willing to bend on this is an alternate alignment t is more appropriate to the build.
Thanks in advance


  • AzraelAzrael Member Posts: 25
    SO I don't realy know but I thinks there are some complications.
    See Mages can't wear heavy armor, I don't know if your guy can if he is also a fighter.

    But if you just look at the comparison of the two guys one is in front heavy armoured deals damage with his weapon of choice, while the other guys would stand back and cast spells from afar.

    There are also Hitpoints, if you let him (figther) level as a mage he will suddenly drop from a w10 to a w4 hitpoints for every level upgrade.

    There shouldn't be any morale implications, both classes can be everything.
  • CaptRoryCaptRory Member Posts: 1,653
    With some awesome Robes of the Archmagi and some buff spells, lack of armor won't be an issue.

    Well, there are some VERY nice staves in the game. There's a +3 for sale in Ulgoth's Beard. And in the second game there are some crazy good ones. So focusing on staves, which is a Two handed melee category, is thematic and can be awesome. In fact there are quite a few awesome two handed weapons over the course of the entire series. So just focusing on learning all the 2h melee weapons isn't a losing proposition.

    Having said that, Dual Wielding is always popular. There's a, I think it's a Katana, in the second game that lets you memorize more spells per day. Always popular with Dual and Multi mages as an offhand weapon.

    And regardless of what you do, you'll want a ranged weapon of some time. Slings are standard for mages, but you can choose from all the weapons.
  • zhitboxzhitbox Member Posts: 5
    Thanks very much for the suggestions, I have a far better idea of what i will be doing now.

    Just 1 question- How does kensai/mage (Duelclass) compare to fighter/mage?
  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    edited December 2012
    The F/M is ready to rock from the moment of creation. The Kensai will never become a mage during BG1, since you really need to hit level 9 Kensai to make it worthwhile, and because of the xp cap, that won't happen (8 is the highest they can reach. You could dual at 7 and still get your abilities back, but a F/M will actually be more powerful since they have no restrictions and can get the same damage and slightly more attacks eventually by equipping items your restrictions forbid).

    In short dual-classing is pretty complex stuff and needs to be researched well before attempting, while multiclassing requires no real planning at all beyond your starting stats.

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