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SHS Down - Anyone have these mods?

AnprionsaAnprionsa Member Posts: 106
I know that it goes down occasionally. But not knowing when it will come back up I thought I'd ask if anyone had these mods. Thanks!

Viconia Friendship: The Mod itself (

Sarevok related tweaks: The Mod itself (

Sarevok Romance: The Mod itself (sarevokromance_v1.2.rar)

Imoen Friendship: The Mod itself (Imoen Friendship

The Minotaur and Lilacor: The Mod itself (

Aerie in BG:EE: The Mod itself (BG1AerieV11.rar)

Sarevok Friendship: The Mod itself (Sarevok Friendship

Golem Construction for Spellcasters: The Mod itself (

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