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[BG 2] Kensai Kit: Inconsistency with applying SPCL141 (+1 damage/THAC0)

hansolohansolo Member Posts: 136
edited July 2013 in Fixed
I know, this is only very minor and possibly won't affect or disturb gameplay in any way.
But I stumbled upon it, so here it is:

Actual Behavior:
The Kensai gains the ability SPCL141 correctly every 3 levels starting with level 3 until level 18.
Then he gains it again 2 levels later with level 20.

Desired Behavior:
The Kensai should consistently gain the ability every 3 levels as per the Kit description.

By the way, application of SPCL143 (the weapon speedfactor bonus) as well follows a weird pattern, different from the description.

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