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BG1 NPCs at Beginning v3.0

AnomalyAnomaly Member Posts: 62
edited September 2018 in BG:EE Mods
Baldur's Gate has many NPCs available for recruit (as many as 25), but some of them are very far from the roads or can only join the group really late without real reasons, and because of that they are rarely used ; players already got their well-rounded party when they meet them.

BG1 NPCs at Beginning is a mod for Baldur's Gate designed to move many NPCs that are far away from the main road to Nashkel to allow them to join the party at the early stage of the game, except of course NPCs that are prisonners.

The 11 moved NPCs are : Quayle, Kivan, Viconia, Ajantis, Faldorn, Alora, Tiax, Eldoth, Safana, Coran, Shar-Teel.

The mod also takes care of altering the joining dialogue if the original dialogue cannot fit with its new location or the knowledge of the PC at that stage of the game. It also takes care of the timed quests, making sure they are still doable by increasing the allowed delay or pausing the timer until PC seems to be far enough in the game.

Sword Coast Stratagems, BG1 NPC Project (and now G3's Tweaks Anthology) also contains components that do similar things, but they affect much less NPCs. My mod goes further, affecting as many as 11 NPCs, and the new location are much closer to the beginning of the game, so you can recruit them on the road to Nashkel without needing to take detours.

You can move each NPC individually. The new version is now compatible with BG1 (with TOSC), BGT and BG:EE.

NPC's new location (more details in the readme below) :
Crossroads (between Beregost and Friendly Arm Inn) : Quayle, Kivan
Friendly Arm Inn : Faldorn, Viconia, Ajantis, Alora
Beregost : Tiax, Safana, Eldoth
Beregost South : Shar-Teel
Beregost Temple : Coran

It is, of course, compatible with BG1 NPC Project, Sword Coast Stratagems and Tweaks Anthology. Install those mods before this one, to avoid moving the same NPC twice.

Available in English, French, German, Russian and Polish. Compatible with Windows and Linux.

Last Updated September 27th, 2018. Added BG1+TOSC compatibility. Added BG:EE compatibility.

Readme (English)
Readme (French)

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  • ALIENALIEN Member Posts: 1,125
    @Anomaly You still didn't fix Polish translation credits.

  • AnomalyAnomaly Member Posts: 62
    It's now fixed. Please accept my deepest apologies.

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,562
    this is a nice mod. while i do have a mod that already changes people [ afew of the places like tiax and safana are in that.] this one seems to move some to better locations. and it does not move ajantis at all. which makes rping hard as there is no reason to go north of the fai early game. so its nice that he got moved to the fai as well as viconia and alora. so i may be using this mod now instead.

    now i kinda wish there was a way to move yeslick but story reason keep that from happening.

  • AnomalyAnomaly Member Posts: 62
    Thanks @megamike15 for your comment.
    I thought about moving Yeslick, but he is, obviously, aware of the Iron Throne, since they were his employer. I could, theorically, make him flee the Cloakwood mines by himself, and take a rest at the Friendly Arm, but why would he stay silent about the events the PC is struggling to discover ? Besides, the BG1 NPC Project will probably make him talk about the events that did not happen yet.

  • SharGuidesMyHandSharGuidesMyHand Member Posts: 2,517

    Great job! Love the idea that I could pick up Shar-Teel or Safana without having to wait so long and/or travel so far off the beaten path.

  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,860
    Indeed. I haven't played with it yet (because I do rarely play) but when I do, I'll use it to move Ajantis so I don't have to accidentally go north in order to meet him early. (Now I wonder why I didn't think of this before myself...)

  • As I see it, there are two reasons for moving NPCs:
    1. They are objectively unreachable until very late in the game (BG, but also deep Cloakwood)
    2. RP-ing: getting them requires meta knowledge as otherwise the player is unlikely to bump into them early.

    The first one is a strong point, although I for one think that it would feel a bit unnatural if we met dozens of people out in the wilderness and none in the great city of Baldur's Gate. I quite enjoyed bumping into other adventurers for most of the game(s), even if I didn't let them join. I do however often travel with a smaller 'core' party and join with 'satellite' adventurers for a short time - to do their quest or cover for someone dualling. Furthermore, late characters are quite good for those runs, where death of a companion does not warrant a reload. But choices here can be only good so the player can decide for themselves.

    The second however could be fixed in another, much more realistic way: inns are cesspots of gossip and giving either the tavernkeeper or some patron a dialog in which we might inquire if they hadn't heard about any other people looking for a party would address both issues and, additionally, give RP excuse to proceed in a less linear fashion than the main plot leads us. FAI is a point through which everyone passess and for sure someone there would have remembered Adjantis. If you move Quale to the south portion of the bridge you could make him available without technically moving him at all - in fact staying put at the spot would be much more reallistic given the closed gates. Simmilarly, someone in troubled by bandits Beregost could have heard about Kivan and Keldath could potentially know about Coran. Nashkel in turn evidently attracts all sorts of inquiring people, too.

    As there are at least two large mods which already allow moving most of BG1 NPCs to other locations, you could at least consider more choices of where to place them, but doing something like I mentionned would really differentiate a mod and warrant an install from me. It always bugged me that few patrons in the tavers had anything to say.

  • tomasz86tomasz86 Member Posts: 5
    Thank you very much for this mod.

    I have just one question (or possibly a bug report). If the mod is installed after BG1NPC, the installer refuses to install the Eldoth component saying that he has already been moved by another mod, which should not be the case, as only the Tweaks Anthology mod is supposed to be responsible for moving the NPCs right now, and the problem described here happens with just BG1NPC installed before this one.

    I have solved this problem by simply installing this mod after BG1NPC, which is contrary to what the readme says, but seems to work fine nevertheless.

  • AnomalyAnomaly Member Posts: 62
    @tomasz86 : thank you for your comment.

    About BG1 NPC, the incompatibility message should only happen if a similar component of BG1 NPC is installed. If it was not the case, it may be indeed a bug. Could you please post your Weidu.log (the one you have now is fine even if I got it that you solved your problem, but I'm interested in which BG1 NPC components (numbers) were installed. If there is indeed an issue, I'll make a new version ASAP.

  • tomasz86tomasz86 Member Posts: 5
    Anomaly wrote: »
    @tomasz86 : thank you for your comment.

    About BG1 NPC, the incompatibility message should only happen if a similar component of BG1 NPC is installed. If it was not the case, it may be indeed a bug. Could you please post your Weidu.log (the one you have now is fine even if I got it that you solved your problem, but I'm interested in which BG1 NPC components (numbers) were installed. If there is indeed an issue, I'll make a new version ASAP.

    I have done some testing, and this actually happens after installing the Ajantis romance component of BG1NPC.

    Here is the log:
    // Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods
    // The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod
    // ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [Subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name [ : Version]
    ~BG1NPC/BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #0 // The BG1 NPC Project: Required Modifications: v24.0
    ~BG1NPC/BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #20 // The BG1 NPC Project: Ajantis Romance Core (teen content) -> Speed: 1 hour real time (standard) minimum between LoveTalks: v24.0
    ~BG1NPCBEG/BG1NPCBEG.TP2~ #0 #110 // Move Ajantis: v3.0
    ~BG1NPCBEG/BG1NPCBEG.TP2~ #0 #120 // Move Alora: v3.0
    ~BG1NPCBEG/BG1NPCBEG.TP2~ #0 #130 // Move Coran: v3.0
    ~BG1NPCBEG/BG1NPCBEG.TP2~ #0 #150 // Move Faldorn: v3.0
    ~BG1NPCBEG/BG1NPCBEG.TP2~ #0 #160 // Move Kivan: v3.0
    ~BG1NPCBEG/BG1NPCBEG.TP2~ #0 #170 // Move Quayle: v3.0
    ~BG1NPCBEG/BG1NPCBEG.TP2~ #0 #180 // Move Safana: v3.0
    ~BG1NPCBEG/BG1NPCBEG.TP2~ #0 #190 // Move Shar-Teel: v3.0
    ~BG1NPCBEG/BG1NPCBEG.TP2~ #0 #200 // Move Tiax: v3.0
    ~BG1NPCBEG/BG1NPCBEG.TP2~ #0 #210 // Move Viconia: v3.0

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,562
    i just install it before npc project . causes no issue.

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