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Baldur`s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn | AR0300 Dock location.

solaris6solaris6 Member Posts: 2
A personal project about remaster/remake Baldur`s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn
locations with modern look and feel, with preservation of cultural heritage and
oldschool game spirit. Feel free to send me any questions, critics or just to say hello.

In case you are mod writer or game developer, within a group or a single and looking
for artist like me in order to make baldurs gate 3 and goes to the prison because you
violate copyright laws ) please contact me - you will be not alone!

In case not - series of images I made with love, patient and care you can use as desktop
wallpapers for different hours - I use them this way, looks very good.

Also support me because I suffer from hungry )))))), like any pure artist, so much that
I come to risk be banned after first post in this community.

Some technical detail:
In theory someone who write mods can try to use this renders as drop-in replacement of
original map because I fit models on original background and deviation from original map should
be meaningless, all 3d assets have 8k texture maps with different channels like specular
bump etc. I made them keep in mind 16k location resolution vs 6-9k original ones for use on
high-dpi displays. But currently only 2k renderings availables. Assume - if you want more precise resolution contact me too.

[email protected]

This is an artstation, cgtalk and sketchfab links to actual renderings of location backgrounds.

Best regards, Stanislav Ermakov.



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