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Top 10 Baldur's Gate Dungeons

10. The Maze (Baldur's Gate)
I bet you're wondering why such a small dungeon is even on this list. Well, let me paint a picture for you: You've just exposed Sarevok's plot and decimated what's left of the Iron Throne and now you've got him on the ropes, but at the last possible second he escapes from your grasp! In order to catch up with Sarevok you're going to have to trudge your way through this ominous little treat to get to him. At first, the maze seems easy; you cut through the monsters with ease, the path is straightforward and there don't even appear to be any traps and then...


You suddenly find yourself in a narrow trap infested hallway guarded by two terrifying Skeleton Warriors who are guaranteed to stop you in your tracks and give even the most experienced of players a run for their money. The first half of the dungeon was only a ploy to get you to drop your guard, these guys are the true challenge! My blood still runs cold at the very thought of these guys and once I defeat them it is so satisfying to see these guys crumble before my eyes.

As for the rest of the dungeon? It's a bit underwhelming, but I'll never forget that pulse pounding experience followed by the nail biting encounter at the maze's midpoint and what is perhaps the most clever trap placement in the entire game.

9. Candlekeep Catacombs (Baldur's Gate)

Our #9 spot is another late-game addition to the original chapter in the Baldur's Gate Saga. Our heroes have been rescued from certain doom by Tethtoril by soon discover that they must navigate the deadly tombs of Candlekeep in order to make it back to the surface and end Sarevok's threat once and for all.

And, oh man is this dungeon a trip! While the 1st floor is a fun little treasure crawl packed to the brim with spiders, ghouls and loot it's within the walls of the crypt's 2nd floor that it really starts to get interesting, you find yourself facing off against a horde of Dopplegangers wearing the faces of those you knew and loved and whether or not you choose to believe that your loved ones are now dead, the mind games that are played here are just fantastically grimdark and amazingly written. It all culminates in an encounter with a powerful Doppleganger Trio spearheaded by "Elminster" and "Gorion" which escalates the mind games to the extreme. Meanwhile, there are two very real members of Candlekeep who are willing to help you, but can you trust them? The entire floor has you constantly questioning who you can trust and what path you need to take and it really pushes the horror aesthetic of the situation Charname is in right now.

Lastly, we have the 3rd Floor. There isn't much to say here at first, just a small encounter with some Iron Throne Mooks (albeit tough mooks) a few traps and some spiders until suddenly you're face to face with two foes that while relatively easy to defeat if you know what to expect are a nightmare to an inexperienced player: Basilisks. One you clear this final hurdle it's all straightforward from here and onto Chapter 7 for you, Good Luck!

I just realized that I need to go to bed and won't be able to write the rest just yet, but I'll leave you with what I have so far. Stay tuned for the other 8 dungeons tomorrow and I hope you enjoy this list.



  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,267
    I am incredibly surprised you like the Thieves' maze enough to put it on this list. Evey opinion I've heard of it was how awful it was.

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