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NearInfinity: How to get spell chants to stop when casting time is 0 ?


In BG2:TOB not Enhanced Edition, when you cast a spell with a casting time of 0 (With Robe of Vecna and Amulet of Power, that means just about any spell up to level 5), the chant starts but is never stopped by the "launch spell" sound, and it drags on kind of like an interrupted spell.

What seems to fail is the triggering of the launch spell sound which is probably accompanied with the "stop chanting" instruction.

Do you know of a way to fix that using NearInfinity ? I know I could just remove chants altogether by putting an empty sound like TRGENI11.WAV into the override folder and renaming it to e.g. CHA_FM05.WAV, but I rather like the normal behaviour of a chant starting and stopping with the spell being launched (which has its own sound).

Currently, it seems that it only works with a minimum casting time of 1. I'd like to fix it so it works at 0 too.


  • ProbablyNotANumberProbablyNotANumber Member Posts: 26
    edited October 2018
    Well it appears that there exist versions of the casting chants that have voice but no SFX, and other versions that have SFX but no voice. The latter are used for some spells, the former I think aren't used at all.

    Since it's the dragging on from the SFX that bugs me and also feels like interrupted spell casting, I changed chants from their Voice+SFX version to the Voice version, and I changed pure SFX, voiceless incantations to an empty sound.

    While it's not quite what I wanted and I'd be happy if someone had a clue to answer the first post question, it's good enough.

    I also nullified humming sounds from Spell Immunity, Spell Shield and Globe of Invulnerability; includes the Capes of mirroring and reflection btw, if you use them. Overall it's now much more comfortable to buff up and stay buffed up. Here's how to do it, in case someone grew tired of those sounds like I did:

    Using NearInfinity, export an empty sound like TRGENI11.WAV "as original", rename according to the following and put it in the game's override folder:

    (Minor) Globe of Invulnerability, Otiluke's Resilient Sphere
    Spell Immunity, Spell Trap, (Minor) Spell Deflection, Cape of Mirroring
    Spell Shield, (Minor) Spell Reflection, Cape of Reflection, Cespenar
    Voiceless incantation sounds, which drag on when incantation times are reduced to 0
    For mages: CHA_SM0[1 to 8].WAV
    For priests: CHA_SP0[1 to 8].WAV (Untested)

    To replace Voice+SFX with Voice-only incantation chants for mage women, export CAS_PM[1 to 8]F.WAV "as original", rename the 8 files to CHA_FM0[1 to 8].WAV and put them in the game's override folder. The process has to be adapted to mage men and priests of both genders.

    Warning just in case: The override folder shouldn't have any of these files, so copying the files there shouldn't lead the OS to ask if you want to overwrite. If it does, that means you could have a mod playing around with these sounds already and you may not want to meddle with it without first making backup copies.

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