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NWNEE graphics

MirandelMirandel Member Posts: 498
edited October 2018 in General Discussions NWN:EE
Just out of curiosity - what makes graphics in NWNEE so much heavier than NWN Dimond?
I'll explain. I have a laptop, modern one but without graphic card. (Very) old games are running just fine on it up to NWN Diamond - laptop stays cool and fast. New isometric games (something more graphics heavy I do not even try to run) like DOS1-2 are out of question - computer heats up within few minutes to the temperature you can fry eggs at and the noise of the coolers become deafening.

Then I bought NWNEE and installed on that machine since it was supposed to be better suited for Win 10 (OS of my laptop) - one of the useful feature for non-modder solo player. However it behaved just as DOS did - instantly turning laptop into a fry pan. I do not complain (after all Diamond works just fine) just curious: there is no visual difference (high contrast should not eat so much GPU, should it?), so - why?



  • FreshLemonBunFreshLemonBun Member Posts: 711
    It probably does because I think they use pixel shading post processing, without special hardware your computer probably can't do it and tries to simulate it with software instead. I suppose it depends on the laptop but NWN EE was also reported as having problems with Intel onboard graphics I believe.

  • DrakonDrakon Member Posts: 42
    edited October 2018
    On my old macbook pro I've found that going into Advanced Graphics Settings and unchecking some of the new graphics features totally fixes FPS and keeps my laptop silent. On my gaming PC those settings are no problem at all, but they may not run well on laptops. Try it out.

  • MirandelMirandel Member Posts: 498
    Thank you, good to know and will try to adjust! (Did not try before thinking everything was sure changed irreversibly) There is always something wrong with games on laptops. From the other hand, most of them were not built to be gaming machines.

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