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Relocating EE items?

LammasLammas Member Posts: 180
I have a bit of a pet peeve with some of the new gear introduced into BG1 in EE, namely the gear accuired in Dorn's and Rasaad's quests. I'm wondering if a) someone else felt this way before and made some mod that puts them in a more sensible place and b) does that potential mod work in multiplayer (I'm going to play a coop game of BG trilogy with a friend in the near future)?

In case someone is wondering why I feel those items are stupidly placed:

- Elven chain mail

Why oh why is the armor that bards (and maybe fighter-mages to an extent) covet tied to the quest chain of a blackguard NPC? If I want this item I'm forced to keep a slot open for Dorn. There's so many other possible sources that would've worked. Arkhion and Nemphre quest would've been pretty fitting for example since one of the possible solutions (I think still in EE?) is pickpocketing which bards are capable of. In my current playthrough I'm just doing it old school of switching between chainmail and manually removing it and running naked if I want to cast because that's a lot less hoops to run through than getting that armor is IMO.

- Albruin

Another one from the same fight. I was pretty hyped to see Albruin in the new weapons list until I saw where you get it which is after all the area's where it would've been useful. The spell is minorly nice but the poison immunity, if gotten early enough, would make this an actual force to be reckoned with. When you get it you're likely done with all the hobgoblin elites, sirens, sword spiders and wyverns you'll ever see and all that's left in the game to try to poison you are a couple of spiders in chapter 6. All that potential down the drain with it's current placement.

- Cursed belt of hill giant strenth

Super happy for this item too. I'm finally able to make someone other than dualed Shar-Teel into a power backstabber if I want to. But again it's tied to an NPC's quest and I'm likely not going to want that NPC with me all that often. At least the belt is actually a pretty good fit for Rasaad unlike all of Dorns quest items are for him... Could've easily been in one of the easier to find quests in the Gate, like the telescope stealing (a shady guy paying you with a cursed belt would work).

Maybe it's just me but locking items other characters want behind NPC quests forcing me to take those NPC's for a stroll even if I want nothing to do with them on that playthrough just annoys me to no end.

p.s. I also think the crusher halberd would've been a better fit for one of the named bandit parties that currently drop nothing of real note instead of Ingot. That area already has so much stuff (and they even put the new club +1 there too). Ingot is basically a journal entry and you'll miss the halberd if you ask him what he means instead of just blindly attacking him... That's just stupid IMO.


  • DaevelonDaevelon Member Posts: 594
    edited October 2018
    Using just logic i would say i agree. But i like that these items are not obviously available because i like to be surprised, and with BG and my thousands of playthroughs it's amazing how easy is to find something new that i never found before. I prefer like this, knowing that if i want something specific sometimes i have to bend my role-playing to obtain it. Example, i always play as good but in order to have the Elven chain mail i started and completed the Dorn quest.
    I was kinda surprised how not evil is that quest, totally different than BG2 where i never even started the Dorn quests

  • LammasLammas Member Posts: 180
    It's not even about bending role-playing for me. I'm pretty powergamerish in these games these days. It just that the above mentioned stuff (as well as Adoy's belt but I think that's pretty okay) are the only pieces of equipment that force me to take a specific NPC with me just for the sake of getting them. It's not like I'm going to get surprised by it. Also in the case of Albruin you get is so late that it holds really no value anymore and if you don't already have it, you can literally go pick up Kondar in the next 2 minutes which is better than Albruin. I mean you can still slot Albruin to make use of it's ability for what it's worth but forcing it into chapter5 is very disappointing and cuts out 99 % of the reason I would have used this new Bastard sword instead of the old ones in this game.

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