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Neverwinter nights OC new mode with party system

Hello :), I would like to talk about possibility in the future to create special campaign mode, that lets you play original story, with more and stronger enemies , but lets you create your own party(4 party members). Back in the day when neverwinter came up, for me this was one of the biggest sins that this wonderfull game had. I know there are a lot of people that like original campaign, where you play as single hero with the henchmen and this is ok. How about creating second game mode , where you could play same story/campaign but with full party and harder difficulty. I'm willing to pay full price again just for this addon/expansion to enhanced edition. I think now when we have enhaced edition this is best opportunitty to ask for such addon. This would be like dream come true :). Adding this feature with be so cool like when blizzard added coop for starcraft remastered. This is one of those chnages that dosent seem super big , but make a lot of difference. Just to clarify for other forum members, I'm not asking to replace original campaign mode, I'm only asking to make clone of orignal campaign with harder enemies and with party mode :). At the end everyone could choose there play style either old mode with single hero or new mode with party and harder battles. Please Beamdog, christmas is comming :)


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