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[MOD] TougherEnemies Tweak 1.0

yowaveyowave Member Posts: 67
edited November 2016 in General Modding
This mod allows you to change enemies HP,AC,Saves,THAC0 and APR.
There's another mod which tweaks those stats, but it doesn't give you as much control over HP,AC,Saves,THAC0, and doesn't give you the ability to change APR.
I hope you'll find it useful as i do, and if you have any feedback or questions, feel free to leave a message.

Steam/GOG BG2:EE BG1:EE with SOD:
The mod have been tested on Steam version of BG2:EE and BG1:EE with and without SOD, if you want to use it with SOD you'll need to merge the DLC with the base game.

Beamdog BG:EE with SOD:
Thanks to @BillyYank, i now know that Beamdog version of BG:EE with SOD is a bit different in regards to mod installation, i don't know how the mod can be installed in a way that SOD will be effected, feedback required.

I think it should work with the vanilla games, but i am not sure.

[Install Order]
It's best to install this mod last, so you'll be able to change creatures stats on the fly.
Found out that an increase of 400% HP is too much, reinstall the mod with lower HP values and get back to the game, simple as that.


You can find the readme inside TougherEnemies folder.

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