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Alestorm LOTR (War For Middle Earth) potentially coming back!

SpoopyErmaSpoopyErma Member Posts: 2
Hey everyone!

How are you doing?

I'd like to ask, through this, whether there are people who remember this moba-styled mod with a LOTR setting. This is a pvp mod that functions the same as a moba: kill the enemy boss/nexus and you win!

When a round starts, you usually start around level 3 to 5, going up all the way to 40. And then your character level resets to the set average player level whenever you rejoin the next round. This mod is especially fun for testing out builds and just fun pvp times!

With a mix with NWN, this mod has been my favorite of all NWN mods and I really hope the communitymembers are still out there.

Here is a link to the module:

I sincerely hope that this will get hosted soon and will keep you update if I receive any news on this. If someone can host, that would be most appreciated.

Sincerely, SpoopyErma



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