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Issue with History and Favorites tabs on server list.

grom56grom56 Member Posts: 87
I posted this bug at the support area on 11/23/18 Bug # 39386:

I'm guessing that this is the place to report this issue. Once you have started the client, hit play then gone to the server listings you have three option tabs on top of the list: Servers; History & Favorites. Before the newest update any server (PW) would go into history and you could click "add to favorites" to add a server to the fav tab. This was very helpful when your server was pages down the list of servers. Now after the new update, the history and favorite areas seem to clear when ever you log out of the game and close the client.

Thank you,

Was this the wrong area to post a bug of this type?? To be clear, this is a different support area then the one at the top of the page here (next to the beamblog) so maybe I reported to the wrong folks??? Or do I have to report to both places??? No one has responed to my posting on the 23rd near as I can tell.


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