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Trouble deciding on a persistent world

After years of being unable to play Neverwinter Nights 1 I finally picked up the enhanced edition. I'm trying to decide on a persistent world server but I have certain specific standards/requirements and I'm wondering if the community here can help me find something that suits my needs.

-My main requirement in a PW is I need a server where "friendly fire" is on. I'm not a team killing troll but I refuse to play on a server where throwing a fireball at your own feet or towards your teammates is a viable tactical option. Additionally I need something with FULL PVP because I generally value my freedom as a player.

It would also be nice if crafting were enabled and maybe there were some cool additional classes, but these aren't my main requirements. I can do full RP or zero RP.



  • GM_ODAGM_ODA Member Posts: 177
    We run a server with friendly fire turned on by default. Ours is an immersive (realism is big here - if your PC smells smoke it means there is now or was recently a fire nearby, for example) server with many player-enabling systems.

    It offers an extensive crafting system, loaded with easter eggs and fun discoveries, as well as over 100 custom spells (most from D&D). 1337+ areas to explore give a wealth of environments suited to allowing any class some space to shine.

    I hope to meet you on the server someday soon.

    FYI atm we are working on the server so it may not be available today in the most recent version of NWN:EE ... but we are working on it. :D

  • DM_DjinnDM_Djinn Member Posts: 109
    We love friendly fire and have expanded crafting options extensively to match 3.5 rules as closely as possible! Check out the details at

  • Lightmaker89Lightmaker89 Member Posts: 14
    Late reaponse, I know.

    Immediately after posting here and in Reddit I discovered The World of Greyhawk which has been really sweet to me. I look forward to making characters on these other servers soon to test them out.

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