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Fallen Paladin - but no rep loss

TheWiSeFooLTheWiSeFooL Member Posts: 124
Just wondering why I've become a fallen paladin?

My reputation is still average (11)
Picked up Dorn in my group also have Viconia but that shouldn't effect it.

I have pickpocketed evil npc's with Safana but that shouldn't effect it either.

Haven't killed any innocent NPC's.

Do the decisions you make when speaking to NPC's about receiving rewards effect your class?

Ahhh well guess I won't be able to Lay on Hands OR detect evil
prot evil spells.


  • TheWiSeFooLTheWiSeFooL Member Posts: 124
    I think I have worked out why now....I retraced my saved games and it was before I accidentally killed the 'missing patrols' but I don't even think I double clicked on the SPIKE TRAP to kill them.

    Didn't fight any MOBS near the same room or use AOE spells.
    But I did kill the boss mindflayer before I went back to try and release them but found out they were ALL dead!

    Is this a BUG?

    That sucks as it is a long way back for a saved game.
    I don't think I want to replay the whole thing all over again.

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