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blazing glory +3? where?

Mephisto66Mephisto66 Member Posts: 11
In patch notes for 2.5 it says an item named blazing glory as mizhena's reward but i dont know how to get it. any ideas?


  • MyragMyrag Member Posts: 304
    edited January 2019
    According to wiki she offers 3 quests across entire SOD campaign.

    I would assume one of them gives it

    In case this is the item description
    This glittering morningstar was crafted by weaponsmiths in the Temple of Tempus in Waterdeep. Fashioned as a weapon for Tempus's priests, who cannot use their deity's favored weapon due to its bladed edge, Blazing Glory has a black iron tip studded with points of alternating gold and ruby. Enchantments harden these points and add a flash of fire with every blow. The wielder of Blazing Glory never tires in battle, fortified by the will of the Lord of Battles himself.


    Equipped abilities:
    – Immunity to fatigue

    Combat abilities:
    – 10% chance of casting Chant centered on the wielder on each hit

    THAC0: +3
    Damage: 2d4+3 (crushing) +1 (fire)
    Speed Factor: 4
    Proficiency Type: Flail/Morning Star
    Type: One-handed
    11 Strength

  • kansasbarbariankansasbarbarian Member Posts: 206
    This is great for my halforc barbarian Gorgar.

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