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Please make bags a bit more user friendly.

I have been playing through BG1 and now BG2 obsessively, the story mode covers the fact that i suck at these games and i can just enjoy the story.

However, I have OCD, so when i play games i like to collect absolutely everything I possibly can. This means getting things like bags of Holding etc.

Using console commands to get one for each toon, I quickly noticed they are linked, but whatever. My issue is that there is no way to know exactly how many slots you have left in the Bag of Holding, or the scroll/gem/potion containers, either.

Side note: The command to get the Bags of Holding give you two different versions. BAG04 gives you a 100 slot bag (I checked the wiki), but BAG31 gives you a bag with well over a thousand slots.

The fact that there are multiple commands for scroll cases is why I am finally making this thread, cos i want the biggest one ofc, but have no way of knowing which one that is without spending god knows how long testing each one.


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