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Ooops I fell in Hell

I try my best to avoid reading ahead of where I'm at, so Wraith Sarevok asked me to nut up in Hell, I did so, and am now a Fallen Paladin. Now as far as I can tell being a Fallen Paladin is like being a fighter that can't use bows and probably can't get mastery. So my first question is
1. Once you're in Hell, is there a way to restore your, ugh, paladinity? I've heard vague stories of getting it back via the Order of the Radiant Fart, but I'm not sure how accessible they are in this neck of the woods. In a tale about a demon-baby trying to do right, there ought to be more paths to redemption. Or a way to become a blackguard maybe?
2. As much as I hate cheese, I'm curious about exploits. Cuz I reloaded and tried it the other way, and oh, whoopie, my Paladin now has 19 Charisma and 14 Wisdom. I'd really rather get that 20 strength! My boy is pretty enough, and Wisdom doesn't seem to do crap for a Paladin.


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