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Zorco's Keeps - missing custom talk table

Finished OC and downloaded Zorco's Keeps, because it was highly recommended by the author of the "Hero's Path" list of modules and seems like a perfect mod for cleaning up inventory between modules. I also downloaded the recommended tileset noted in the readme file. On running the module, I received a notice that I the module could not be run because of a missing custom talk table. I then downloaded all of CEP 2.65, including tlk files, but received the same error message when trying to play the module. Unfortunately, the talk table is not specified, so I do not know what I am missing. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The module has not been updated in some time (2006 iirc), but from what I have read it appears popular enough that I am hoping someone on the forum is using it. Thanks in advance - Reiel.


  • Sylvus_MoonbowSylvus_Moonbow Member Posts: 1,083
    Zorco's Keeps doesn't use CEP 2.65. You need CEP 1.5.
  • ReielReiel Member Posts: 2
    That worked. Thanks.

    I've recently returned to NWN after a long absence, so not completely up to speed with everything. I saw the bit about CEP 1.5 being required, but had assumed CEP 2.65 would cover everything before it.  I have both CEPs installed now.
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