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Shapeshifter questions

BG(EE) 1&2 v2.5

During shapeshift to Werewolf form any off-hand weapon is still adds to ApR & damage (and in some cases to damage type). It's intended or bug?

P.S. In this topic (steam) Julius Borisov writes the following:

'The bug "Off-hand weapons should be disabled when using magically created ranged weapons or when polymorphed" has been fixed long ago (for the 1.3 version).'

Those it's fixed for v1.3, but not for v2.5?

BG(EE)2 v2.5

Description of Werewolf form stated 'Attack Damage: 1d6 (slasing), strikes as +2', but damage is counted as 1d6+2, no THAC0 bonus and weapon enchantment level is 2 indeed. While description of Greater Werewolf form only stated 'Attack Damage: 1d8 (slasing)', but there are still no THAC0 bonus and weapon enchantment level is still 2. Must it be 3? It's intended or bug (i mean damage, enchantment level and lack of bonus to THAC0)?


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