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Custom Modules on Android

So Ive been running around the forums looking for a solution to my problem with little success. It seems that, although I have followed the guide to installing custom content and modules, they do not appear in the game. The CEP installed fine, as well as all the store bought modules, but every time I try to install a custom module and play it, something seems to be amiss as it does not show on the list of Other Modules.

Bear in mind that I have installed it in both the main android nwn folder and the User android folder. Neither appears to work.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  • ShaidenShaiden Member Posts: 181
    Hi there!

    A few quick questions to see if we can sort that out.

    #1: Are you able to load the module in the PC version of the game? Does it show up properly in the lists?
    #2: Are you able to load up other modules placing them in the same location?
    #3: Have you been able to get any of your custom installed content to work? I.E. Can you see content from CEP?
    #4: Can you take a look at your nwn.ini, and see which folder is specified for user-content? Double check to make sure that's the location you're putting your custom module

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