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Pips and dual

SouplesseSouplesse Member Posts: 112
Oh no, an other pips and dual question :( . I’m very sorry for this.

I actually playing a Kensai dual 7 mage. I plan dagger and Qstaff for good synergy. I never dual before.. don’t like the mechanics but i was thinking of this good synergy:
Level 1 : 2 pips dagger 2 pips Qstaff
Level 3 and 6 : 2 pips dagger
So before dual 4 pips dagger and 2 pips QS
Then dual mage
Level 1 pip dagger and level 6 Qs ... you know what I mean ...
I’m so naive, cause when I pass level 8 mage I didn’t get my additional pips like 5 pips dagger and 3 pips QS but only 4 pips dagger and 2 pips QS ... great great great synergy Yeah !

It doesn’t work like that right? I’m good for reroll for dual at 9 or simple take just a sorceror and forget this « good synergy » stupid things ...
Any advice?



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