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Issue with thief ability 'Set Snare'

After several brief tests, I came to the conclusion: when a multi-class thief using 'Set Snare' ability , its thief level is taken as the rounded up arithmetic average of all its classes.

For example:

А multi-class halfling warrior (level 18) / thief (level 21) uses a '4d8 +2 fire dmg' trap, i.e. that one what a single class thief uses at 16-20 levels. The same halfling, when reached 22 level in his thief class still use a same trap type. But as soon as he gets the next level, i.e. becomes a warrior (19 lv.) / thief (22 lv.), the trap type changes to "20 poison dmg + slay", i.e. that one what a single class thief uses at 21(+) levels.

In this regard, my question is: does it work as intended or it's a bug?

P.S. I do not know how this ability works for dual class. Did not check.


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