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Starting New BG2

Greetings all, well I haven't played BG2 in while, more than a year or so. Well when I start the game from the Beamdog launcher, the splash D&D screens loads and then it gets to the selection screen, well here it's showing the game icon from BG1. It gives me the option to select campaign and there it lists all of the BG games. But when I select Shadow's of Amn, and select load game, as I have BG2 games I had been playing before real life kept me from playing, but all it's showing is Baldur's Gate 1 games. My BG 2 games are not there. Even when I create a new character and try to import a save game from BG1 it's only showing my BG1 games from the first 2 chapters. I should have at least a couple save games from BG1 with a Fighter/Thief character and one Druid Ranger character that I beat the game with. None of these are showing up.

Was there some kind of merging patch that combined all the games into one? and you just select the game you want to play from the in-game Campaign selection page?


  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    i don't have the beamdog version but the steam one so i can not answer to your question.
    also i use windows 7 and maybe you use a different os.
    it seems that you are using the bg launcher and not the bg2 one.
    but in my pc is possible to start the game searching into the programs x86 folder the file baldur.exe and launching it, as you have both bg and bg2 installed you have to start the baldur.exe that is inside a folder named baldur's gate II shadows of amn or something similar. as you find it you can create a quick link to it and put it on the desktop or wherever you like.
    this should allow to play until better answers are given.

    hope it helps.

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