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What level is the best for me to Dual Class from Kensai to Thief?

I had to restart my character because my SSD broke down, I'm wondering what level is best for me to stop continuing as a Kensai and start as a Thief.


  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 765
    Level 7 for an extra half attack, Level 9 to benefit from max fighter HP rolls or Level 13 for a further half attack. Partly depends on when you can cope with the fighter downtime. Thieves level fast so level 13 is very doable

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    I would strongly recommend 13, or else just go berserker for a pretty much always stronger character (until UAI for sure, and thats very late SoA unless you're solo) that is much easier to run. Then again, if you feel using Rage is too much of an idiot-proof solution, a kensai thief will be more challenging, and thus likely more interesting!

  • Humanoid_TaifunHumanoid_Taifun Member Posts: 1,041
    edited March 2019
    Level 7 is barely worth it. You would be better off with a different kit.
    Level 9 is still not very impressive.
    Level 13 is where the kensai kit starts actually making sense.
    If you go further than level 15, you begin to really lose Thief HLAs. If your idea of a Kensai-Thief is incredible backstabs plus fierce warrior, that is not a problem. In that case a Kensai(24)-Thief would probably be the best combination, even though it would result in the fewest number of HLAs. I say this because you already told me that you intend to use cheat codes, so downtime etc are not an issue.

    Once you have taken the obvious Assassination and Use-Any-Item, the best thief HLAs are their traps. Spike Traps can kill just about anything. Time Trap backfires on you when the enemy happens to be immune to Time Stops, but other than that it is incredibly powerful, especially in the hands of a Kensai-Thief with their high damage output. So being able to pick a bunch of those and Avoid Death and Greater Evasion makes your character more versatile in how they approach battles. Lower raw fighting potential, but a larger arsenal of weapons.

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