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Android user

Hi all,
I recently installed Neverwinter Nights on to my Android mobile device. I'm enjoying it immensely. I'm also pretty new to Android. I've checked the forums but can't find what I'm looking for although there are a bunch of Android subjects that come close but too technical for me. A bit simpler explanation would be much appreciated if possible.
I will put in list form here what I'm after. Also bear in mind I'm a long-term pc player of the game.

1/ where do I find the game folders on my mobile? I have a note 9. On pc i add and change content here easily. I checked every folder I could find in 'local storage' not there?
2/ can I plug my mobile into my pc like transferring media and move modules and stuff over that way?
3/ how do I move modules over? - do they need a special format first? Ie Windows os folders won't work or will???
4/ is there a list of the controls for the mobile interface anywhere? Like what the joystick does and views/ moving around. Unless it's just learn as you go.
5/ what is the go with CEP and custom voice sets and stuff like that. Is it possible or perhaps just wait.
6/ anyone used the Dex hub with the mobile game? Does mouse and keyboard work?(I'm going to try this soon anyway)

If I need extra apps or something, could you please explain what app then in point form functions to do whatever it is I may need to do. Alternatively, if someone could please point to where I can find all this out if I missed the thread.
Thanks in advance for any help and apologies if this has all been explained before.



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