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Dorn gets inevitably killed in the encounter where you can first recruit him

LMTR14LMTR14 Member Posts: 159
I saw this has been reported but marked as fixed. well it's not. I tried more than 5 times but it's not reasonably possible to save him for a party of around level 3.considering the fact dorn is the strongest npc in the game this is laughable


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,243
    really? at level 3 and you can't save him? if you can try using some sleep spells for the bandits, and command spells for the other 2 main bandits or if you have them, hold person, i've been able to save him with a level 1 group with said spells

    also if you have it charm person type spells can work as well, use the bandits own baddies against them, and then once they are finished being used, force them to equip their fist so you get a nice to hit/to damage against them

    also if you have it, blindness is another good spell to use on the flail using bandit

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