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Torment EE - First install stuck looking for resources

So I just bought planescape torment ee (after seeing it on the store and squealing like a girl with nerdy nostalgia)
Had to download it 3 times before it woild install, worked out it was spacw in the end as 3gb just wasnt enoigh apparently.
Freed up 4 of the 5g on my archos helium 80 (android jellybean 4.2) before it woild imstall.
Its now installed and I have over 2gb free still but game gets stuck on first launch looong for resoirces (2 hours so far)
I've rebooted, cleared cache even re downloaded and reinstalled but no dice....any one got any ideas.
I REALLY want to play this rather than go for a refund :(..
Ps sorry for spelling using a mobile to write this as tablet redownloads after another uninstall, scrub, reboot etc.


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