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Map not showing characters

I cannot see my characters and summons in the map. In the past I used to see very clear markers which indicated the location of each guy, but now they are so small and their colour is so similar to the background (especially with area map background enabled) that they are essentially invisible. Is this a problem with the game, or might it be related to my mods? I use Ascension, Tweaks Anthology, SCS, Portraits everywhere, Lighting pack, Jimfix and EE UI Tweaks.

In this picture, if you squint really, really hard, you might be able to see the markers:


  • joluvjoluv Member Posts: 2,084
    It's quite a bit clearer for me in an unmodded game.

  • AlonsoAlonso Member Posts: 611
    edited April 8
    Thank you for your feedback. I tried using a vanilla installation and had the same result, very clear markers. Then I installed the lighting mod with its recommended options on top of the vanilla installation, tried again, and still no problem. Then I adjusted the values of the lighting mod to the custom values I actually use: recommended option plus 1.5 gamma for the background. With this the markers started to merge with the background:

    Not as bad as in my fully modded installation, but still a noticeable worsening. So it looks like it's at least partially related to the lighting mod. I'll tell @argent77 about it and see if he can help.

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