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Can't create new character on any server

Whenever I try to join a server, I create a new character and then I'm dumped back to to the Character screen with no character as if I didn't just go through the process of creating one. I've tried several different servers--it's never worked for me. I've had this problem with the game installed on both macOS and Windows, too!

:frowning: What am I doing wrong?


  • tfoxtfox Member Posts: 79
    I'd make sure override folder was empty and probably check that I have permissions for the localvault folder (or ever the full documents/neverwinter folder) in your documents/neverwinternights folder as it creates the character locally before sending it to the server and if you can't create it locally I think this sort of thing happens.

    It's also worth checking if your documents/neverwinter folder is part of onedrive, seen that cause all sorts of issues with NWN:EE

    Hope this helps,

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