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Beamdog Client BG2EE - first custom portrait issue, now "not enough space to save" issue

BertleBertle Member Posts: 15
edited April 17 in Troubleshooting
I've successfully set up custom portraits on my previous versions of BG (original discs and BG2EE from Beamdog for mac). I recently downloaded the game on my new PC and used the BeamDog client system to get it. I'm now having trouble getting custom portraits to work.

I tried following this guide:

-but nothing. I think I may be creating my portraits folder in the wrong place, as the guide insists Windows users must put it in the "Documents - Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition", but I have no BG files under Documents. With the new Beamdog Client download, it created the folder "Beamdog Library" on my drive. If you click on this folder, you can open two folders named 00766 (holds BG1 files) and 00783 (holds BG2 files. If I click on 00783, it brings me to the file "" (plus a bunch of other folders). I tried creating my "Portraits" folder within there but it didn't work. Is this not where the folder should go?

I'm assuming that what I'm doing wrong is located to folder location and not the portraits files themselves as they are all re-used from when I was using BG2EE on Mac, and the guide says they should have the same format.

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  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,376
    Hi @Bertle, I have found that custom portraits can be a bit odd at times but I have a set procedure that I now always use and with no problems.

    The folder for the portraits (BG2EE) on the PC is ..\Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\portraits. The documents folder doesn't show until you run the game for the the first time. If it still hasn't shown, I would create a character and save the game, which should force the folder to be created. If the portraits folder isn't there but the rest is, you can just create it. I use 'portraits' with lowercase but it shouldn't really matter.

    If that still doesn't work, you can place your portraits in the game's override folder (if it isn't thier, just create it) and they should show in-game.

    The naming convention is where I was initially misfiring!.
    I now use the following:
    xxxxxxM.bmp and xxxxxxL.bmp
    All lowercase (earlier I was using XxxxxxM.bmp with mixed results) and only 7 letters. Not sure why some of my 8 letter portraits were not showing but there weren't...

    For the sizes, I only use the two sizes (but other ratio similar pictures should be fine as the game scales the images fine):
    210 x 330 for the M and sometimes L (if the image is the same)
    420 x 660 for the L

    I always have 2 images (even if they are exactly the same image) for both M and L. Generally the M is the portrait and the L is either full body, torso or something else with a difference.

    I use this method for all my IE games and they now all appear.

    Hopefully this will provide some insight and get things going for you. If it doesn't work, feel free to explain what you have tried and results and we could try someting else. If you want, just to test the image difference if any, I can upload a pair of images that work for me and we can focus on getting the location right.

    Best of luck

  • BertleBertle Member Posts: 15
    I tried to save a test game to see if that would create a Documents folder, but as soon as Imoen appeared and finished talking to me I got the "Not enough free disk space to save, would you like to quit?" error. I have 788GB free.

    I've tried to follow a couple of the work arounds I could find for this issue but nothing yet has fixed it. I'm really not great with computers (think student who mostly uses a laptop for word and youtube level) so it is possible I'm not following the directions right. I've uninstalled the game and am re-installing it now to see if that works, but I don't have high hopes.

    In all these solutions, I keep seeing that I'm supposed to have a \Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition folder that has a baldur.lua file in it, but I can't find it to save my life. If I go to Beamdog Client, click "Options- game location" it opens C:\Users\haile\Beamdog Library\00783. I tried moving the Beamdog Library folder entirely to my "Documents" folder (might be stupid idea, IDK see my computer IQ above) which also didn't work.

    I'm hesitant to keep mindlessly trying to follow random work around guides because like I said, I really don't know what I'm doing. Does anyone have any ideas that you can explain in computer layman terms?

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,376
    edited April 17
    @Bertle, what version of Windows are you running? I am guessing Windows 10.

    Yeah, don't move the library to the documents folder, that is for the saved games etc. Out of curiosity, were you able to copy that to the Documents folder? Also, are you able to create a new text document (right click on the right hand pane in Windows Explorer and select 'New -> Text Document' in the folder without having to give permission?

    Sounds like the system is getting in your way. What antivirus software are you running? Try turning it off and running the game for a new saved game. Might work, if it does, then we need to look at Whitelisting the game in you antivirus engine. Don't worry about the terms, we can do that once we find out whether it works or not.

    As for installing the game, I prefer to keep the game out of the Program Files location because Windows has a bad habit of over protecting this and not allowing any changes to occur. What you could try is to make a copy of the game in C: \Games (there is not normally a space between C: and \ but not doing so brings up an emoticon). If you have a D drive then that would be even better. Usual SSD vs Mechanical drive arguments apply but it is always a good idea to separate System stuff from entertainment.

    I will probably over describe the procedure, but better over explained than not... I am guessing that you can navigate using Windows Explorer, if not then I can break it down further if needed.

    I didn't get my game from Beamdog direct but through GOG which doesn't use C: \Uses\username\Beamdog Library\ folder but I am guessing here that that isn't the game folder but more likey the Beamdog Client (it may well be the game folder if it contains the files listed below). I also don't have the file "" so I am thinking it is part of the Beamdog client configuration.

    You are likely to find it in C: \Program Files\Beamdog\00783 (at a guess). When you look in the folder, you should find baldur.exe, engine.lua and chitin.key files as well as a bunch of folders (data, lang, movies, etc). This is you game folder. If it isn't in that location then, using Windows Explorer, make a search (right hand top of the application) while sitting in the root of C: (the top of the tree) and type in baldur.exe. Depending on what other IE games you have install, one of those will be BG2EE and by the looks of it, one will be BGEE.

    Navigate to that folder and confirm that the other files/folders exist as well. You could try and start the game right now by double clicking on baldur.exe (which takes the Beamdog Client out of the picture) and see if anything is created in your Documents Folder (try the save game again). If it does, then there is something going on between the system and the Beamdog Client, but you can always start the game by creating a shortcut on the desktop to baldur.exe. If no new folder is created, then we will try and copy the game out of the system area into an area that you own.

    Copying the games folder (the same can be done for BGEE):
    - Using Windows Explorer create a folder called Games on C: (or D which would be better).
    - Create another folder inside this called BG2EE.
    - Go to the games folder, where you found baldur.exe, and select all of the files and folders there, right click and select 'copy' from the context menu.
    - Navigate your way to C: \Games\BG2EE and right click on the right hand pane (which contains nothing right now) and select paste from the context menu. This will copy the contents to the new folder.
    - Start the game by double clicking on baldur.exe and see if you can save a game or if any new folder is created in the Documents area.
    - If it does, then create a shortcut to 'baldur.exe' (right click on file, select 'create shortcut' from the context menu), rename it to Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition (or BG2EE if that is better) and copy it onto your desktop. Use that to start the game instead of the Beamdog client. This has other implications like what happens when you get updates etc but right now we are just tryng to find the problem.
    - If it still does nothing, then a problem may have occurred in initial installation. I would uninstall the game and reinstall but this time, don't use the default install path, change it to C: \Games\BG2EE instead.
    - Report back if nothing happens and we will see what steps to take next.

    BTW, did the same problem occur with BGEE?


    Edit: Fixed up syntax instead of emoticons

  • BertleBertle Member Posts: 15
    Thanks Gus! Re-installing in the new path worked and I now have the Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition folder which contains the portraits and save files, both of which are now working. I was having the same problem with BGEE- I will try this same solution with that one.

    Also to answer your question, I was able to copy the game folder to Documents when I was playing around with it. Only thing it seemed to change was that I could only run the game from baldur.exe and not through beamdog client.

    Thanks again for your help and for taking the time to provide computer-illiterate instructions!!

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,376
    @Bertle, I posed the question just to find out if you were being locked out of your documents area for some reason.

    Good to hear that you are now playing as it should!


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