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Problems installing with new client

AuroreAurore Member Posts: 2
I downloaded the new client, and it had been a while since I had run the old one so the games needed updating. It was unable to update them in program files x86 so I figured there was a permissions issue. So I deleted all the games and created in a beamdog directory on H drive to install them there where I keep most of my games.

Once again, it started to install, created a directory structure, then rapidly slowed download to 0 bytes per second regardless of which game I tried to install.

This is a nuisance. I dont know how to resolve it. I own Baldurs gate enhanced edition, baldurs gate 2 enhanced edition. siege of dragonspear, icewind dale enhanced edition, and planescape torment enhanced edition bought directly from you. I also own neverwinter nights enhanced edition but bought that through steam and it works fine.

Frankly I would prefer to do everything through steam. May I please have steam keys for all the listed games so that I can just use them on steam and get rid of the client? Nothing against your client, but its easier to have all my games in one launcher and steam has never given me any problems. I dont want to re-buy the games on steam.


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