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Eek - this is not good (Android)

OK - I'm running this one my Moto G5

I'm uploading CEP 5x - so about 27.5 GB - various directories just to waste the space

I KNOW for a fact that this won't work on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (recommended by Beamdog) owing to knox using main memory

The aim of Knox is flawed - it's trying to protect you (good stuff) but doing it wrong (bad stuff) as is used main storage, whoever thought this would work?

This is a complete fail at any kind of security - I like security!

Apparently this is being rolled into Oreo (my phone has this) but I find no evidence of this

I've filled up my phone MANY times

Can't do my Tab (Knox) - what idiot created this?

[Dear idiot]

No - not doing this one... They know they screwed up, that's enough.


  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 20,205
  • peardoxpeardox Member Posts: 37

    I have to write a test for this

    Basically fill your SD with junk (then delete it)

    I only VERY recently became aware of the Knox issue but my Moto G5 happily fills up my SD Card

    My Samsung Tab S2 is running Droid 7.0 while my Moto G5 is doing 8.1 (No Knox)

    Android sometimes lies to me (techie crap follows)

    If I write a test app are you willing to try it out? I mean everyone...

    I can't positively say I won't kill your device so make sure you're safe to have a dead device you can rebuild if I write this.

    In my own case - hell, wiping a phone ain't a big deal - done it three times this week (twice last week)

    I'll publish the code (my GitHub needs some attention)

    The techie details will be released with the code

  • mojoswager1980mojoswager1980 Member Posts: 9
    On Android, i changed the alias locals to my sdcard and was able to move the user folder to the sd. That was ok but like you said this game gets heavy quick, so it was time to use the old fbind trick ! Rooted Android users can "mirror" folders still, if your not aware of the trick its being used all over your system anyway and its been employed effectively on devices with very little storage to begin with back in the day . It shows the folders still being on my internal but everything resides on a folder named com.beamdog.nwnandroid on my sd . If hidden files option is ticked the new folder also contains a dot file (.fbind), i assume for path purposes . This used to be a bit more than a bit of shell scripting but magisk has made it a simple install, reboot, and 1 time fbind syntax. Its a decent workaround and its time tested . Please dont misinterpret this to be me suggesting you do anything to your device, that decision is yours alone, I was just sharing an old well known workaround that can still be employed. Best wishes

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