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Boaster's Original Sound Pack

BoasterBoaster Member Posts: 622
edited April 2019 in General Modding
Some assembly required
22.5 MB - compressed RAR file

I recorded these all like 5 years ago now, I think and posted as four contiguous long MP3 files. I had a cold and made the best of it. I figured, why not record another alternative sound pack for BG EE for perhaps a more evil, less cartoonish, evil character.

Users will need to customize the WAV files to their liking as far as the order in which things happen.

Within the RAR file there are two sets. They sound slightly different, but mostly the same. Intermix them if you choose. The second set was more as I was losing the voice I had with a cold and just not being able to talk at all.

Make the best of it if you will.

If anyone would like me for recordings, my voice isn't quite naturally so deep, but I could come up with a reasonable facsimile thereof.

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