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Looking for some BG2:EE mods!

ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 219
So I'm nearing the end of my IWD:EE playthrough and next up in line is the much loved BG2! I never modded the original game, so I'm not really sure where to start with this, but I'm looking for some mods that can do the following:

1. Allow me to attain every single PC stronghold in the same playthrough
2. Allow me to romance all eligible romance interests (e.g. a male character would be able to romance all of the ladies, Dorn, but not Rasaad or Anomen.)
3. The Imoen romance mod looks interesting so I'd like to give that a go too.
4. I've heard that there were some cut quests and other content that didn't make it into the EE. Are there any mods that restore these?

In addition, I briefly peeked at the List of Eligible mods, but stuff like Weidu/non-Weidu mods is confusing me somewhat. Would anybody be able to give me some precise instructions on how to get started with my modding journey?


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