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Throne of Bhaal: Going back to Athkatla

I recently finished SoA and moved on to ToB. Throughout SoA I gathered a very nice selection of powerful items for which I didn't have immediate use, so I stored them in the containers in the Adventurer's Mart, ready to be used when needed. For whatever reason, when I finished SoA I assumed I would be able to go back to Athkatla, so I didn't bother storing all those items in my inventory. Now I've just realized going back to Athkatla is not possible, and I miss so much my curated selection of gear.

Is there any simple way of recovering my items without having to start again from SoA?


  • AlonsoAlonso Member Posts: 806
    Awesome! I got all my stuff back! :smile:
    It's funny that even in ToB the game still remembers what I got in the containers of SoA.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,839
    well technically ToB is to SoA what ToTSC was to BG1

    when you beat bg2 you get "teleported" to AR4000 and now the game "knows" you are in the ToB areas now and not SoA, hence the map change

    as far as the game code is concerned you are just in another area of "SoA" albeit with some triggers and such not allowing you to go back :)

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    the next time you can explore the wk area, at least the first level of the dungeon, until you find a container and stuff there your things.
    wk is not immediately accessible at the beginning of tob, but it becomes so very soon, and is the only area that you can access both from soa and tob without using cheats, so is perfect for all those things that you don't like to carry with you in the last battle of soa but you want to be available in tob.

    to clear a little part of the first level is easy and don't change much if you plan to do the dungeon in tob, there is little rp sense in beginning that quest only to have access to a container and then put it on hold for a long time, but if to cheat or to stretch the rp aspect is a personal choice.
    i would use a bottomless bag of holding instead, it is even more practical as you have all the items with yourself.

    and probably is not even needed as the regular bag of holding should be enough for every possible useful soa item, and about potions and ammo if you have huge reserves that the dedicated bags can not handle your style is probably to use few of them and as in tob there is plenty and better ones (superior healing, better enchantment ammo) you will end tob with an even more large number of not used potions and arrows.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,839
    for slot counts for containers here they are as follows:
    gem bag: 100 ( 20 in the vanilla )
    scroll case: 100
    potion case: 100
    bag of holding asylum dungeon: 100

    ammo belt: 2000
    bag of holding from arcana archives merchant dude: 2000
    bag of holding you start with with a fresh new game in ToB: 2000

    in SoA i believe there are:
    gem beg x6
    scroll case x6
    bag of holding x1
    ( potion case watchers keep merchant )
    ( ammo belt first level of watchers keep )

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    thank you @sarevok57 for the data.

    i would say that there are not 100 items that can not be stuffed in the other bags that are really important and worth to have also in WK

    about the potions the most common and available in larger number are the healing ones, and only the better type of soa is still useful in tob as there the hp pool is much higher and you begin to find the superior healing ones in a large number. some of the other potions are really powerful still in tob, like the potion of power or the potion of magic shielding, but you don't find them in large numbers, and the party can carry a large number of potions in the regular slots of the inventory, you are more then ready to go with the potions the party can have in the last soa battle.

    also the scrols can be stacked in the inventory slots, but having all the possible soa cases allow to carry 600 scrolls, enough for every FT with uai or to speed a high level dual to mage of mr tob.

    in tob the ammo with high enchantment is quite common, you easily loot arrows and bullets that in soa would be the best and can have +3 arrows and +4 bullets to fight every battle that is challenging. to carry to tob a large number of +1 arrows or +1 bullets is not needed at all.

    about the gems i usually find that 3 bags are more then enough, my way to use them is 1 for the enchanted rings and amulets so they are easy to find when needed, 1 for the valuable gems, thing that you can sell for at least some hundred gp and the last to collect the gems you loot in the battles.
    even with a wild mage in the party, thing that make wise to have the main part of your wealth in gems or valuable items as a bed surge can cut the amount of gp you have in an instant, no more then 3 bags are needed, more makes the inventory only too crowded. no point in keeping all those gems that you sell for few gp, and in tob not even to loot them is really needed.

    i suspect that many players, me included, at the end of the game have enough potions and almost never used items to open a shop, i think that it should have added as an alternate ending if charname chose to remain mortal and continue his adventures in the realms.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,839
    one exploit that i would do to get infinite +3/+4 ammo is buy 100 or so of said piece and sell them back to the store owner

    as long as you dont buy more than their stack of 40, you can make it so store owners can have 100s if not 1000s of stacks of 40 for +3/+4 ammo, so in essence, infinite ammo for everyone :)

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    hehehe, i did not knew it.
    i must try it, i have to try it, i LOVE exploits :smiley:

    in the original where 4 PI are possible and you can kill a PI and loot i was using it combined witht he wish rest to have multiple copies of the +4 bullets from the erinne sling, but only 35 each wish rest (also a helm of vahilor simulacrum and the real sling), it took only a couple of rounds, but your exploit is much simpler and better.

    and almost not needed as you need to have a couple of archers in the party to really use the good ammo there is in the game...

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,314
    In addition to the bag of holding in the asylum dungeon, there's one (Dragomir's Respite) available in Chapter 2, from Hexxat's quest. That's another 100 items.

    Merchants in SoA (including Sister Garlena at Watcher's Keep) sell a total of 7 gem bags and 5 scroll cases, all available in chapter 2.
    - Gem bags: Ribald in the Adventurer's Mart, Arledrian in Gaelan Bayle's house, the storekeep in the middle of the bridge district, Gorch in Mae'var's guildhall, Min Minling in the Umar Hills, Kich in northeast Trademeet at night, and Sister Garlena on the Watcher's Keep roof.
    - Scroll Cases: Galoomp in the upper tiers of the promenade, Lady Yuth in the Adventurer's Mart, Jayes on the eastern edge of the promenade at night, Ikert in the docks during daytime, and Wallace in the Trademeet market area after dealing with the djinni.

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