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Item Price Changer Property in Nwn Ee

sandronejmsandronejm Member Posts: 66
edited April 2019 in General Discussions NWN:EE
I am used with the price property changer that you can really change the weight of the price in A, B,... F in Community Patch 1.72 in nwn 1.69. But that feature requests 2da changing and I am not pretending alter 2das. Could you do that in Nwn:Ee with no haks or 2da changing?

Ps.: I can accept to use custom 2da but I cant accept put that in the override folder because if I give the module to someone it will need to so that and I don't pretend this


  • FilipseFilipse Member Posts: 36
    What i do myself, is give the item -100 item value property bonus, then go to the statistics and change "additional cost" (it zeros out it then you add the wished price-value of item in the "additional cost" tab.)

    But yeah, i do agree that it'd be handier to just be able to change the "item cost" field.

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