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Mods and items for Android I cannot do for myself please help

twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
edited May 11 in BG:EE Mods
I have found several things that I like want or could use but everything involves editing the Lua file or is in a Modpack or requires a computer to install. I do not know how to take only certain mods that I would like out of a Modpack and some of the features I would like to add 2 Lua files or UI menu file and I am not skilled enough to do the editing.

I am hoping to find someone who can do the editing and find the mods for me.
I do not have a computer and I'm playing on an Android phone so it has to be mods that can go into my override folder or be a modification to a Lua or text file

What I'm looking for it has follows and I will add links has I am able to

1 a mod that removes restrictions on what armor and weapons classes can use and removes the restrictions on spells and Thief skills when wearing armor
2 Auto roll on character generation
3 stealing multiple items from someone
4 buttons in the top left corner choosing responses some mod pack I can't remember which had that so you didn't have to tap the small red text to choose an option
5 all items in the inventory including weapons and armor become stackable
6 starting the game with a bottomless bag of holding
7 easier user interface we're going between the main bar on the bottom and the user skills on the bottom after pressing about it
8 faster character movement
9 some way to have buttons skills and other items labeled without having to hover or press on them
10 larger bars on the bottom for skills and buttons so buttons can be a little bigger so less pressing of the wrong button
11 I have a menu file that's supposedly let you use the console however no command I put in works although the console shows up if there is a way to make the file work it would be appreciated
12 unlock hidden options
13 select multiple opponents skills and spells
14 some way to have a portable shop with unlimited items for restocking ammo and selling items
15 more portraits for characters
16 a button that will show player coordinates and the coordinates of the next place that is tapped on
17 a way to automatically finish all quests in candlekeep at the prologue and gather all gold and items from the quests without leaving candlekeep so you can still get items at the shop before leaving

I am aware some of these things have already been done with mods and edits before, however all of said modifications have either been part of a mod pack or an edit to files beyond my skill to edit how to retrieve mods from a Modpack where requires a computer which I do not have.

I will now include links to what I can find that relates to this topic such as pieces needed to edit the menu or Lua file that I can't get to work

Link for multiple items feeling


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,470
    Hi @twifox, and welcome. I can put together a modfile that would suit most of this.
    1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 12 should be able to be done no problems.

    4 - haven't heard about this mod, would you be able to provide a link? If you mean the numbers 1-n down the left hand side, then this should come up automatically for the device's UI. If it isn't, then I can do it for the dialog component (have it going on my hybrid notebook), but a bug report should be put in for your device. If it isn't that, then I am unsure what is meant.
    7 - not sure what you mean here. Could you expand?
    9 - other than the 'Show All' button at the bottom of the right hand bar, I don't think that this can be done. Will have a play but would hold my breath.
    11 - let me know how you are using this. Does the console show up? If so it might just be the commands being used.
    13 - not sure what you mean here either.
    14 would be trick as the mod available (that I know of) uses a keyboard shortcut to access. Might be able to create an icon to bring it up. Shall give it a bash.
    15 - to add a custom portrait, all you need to do is find the portrait you want and make sure it fits the right specs (a lot in this forum are already formatted to put right into the game) and naming convention. Download it onto your device and place it into the following folder:
    It will then show up in your game. This is a better method then ending up with a lot of pictures you may not use.
    16 - we might run out of screen realestate... again haven't tried it but it looks as if it would be convient so will give it a go.
    17 - there is a mod that does this but I have tested it at all. Can put it on for you to test though.

    What device are you playing on?


  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    Android phone @gusinda 4i saw with a moded game but dont know whivh mod was responisble
    And for 7 i mean trying to go thru the skills abilitys and spells rows anf back and forth are .for 9 its a mod that adds a journal button in the lower right bar that opens up tje console for13 i mean being able to selecy multiple people to attack or cast a spell at
    Im om Android phone so can only use mods that use manual install

  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    also is there a way to increse how many skill points a theif gets on levelup to put into theif skills? I want to max out a theif with alll skills and i cant use the cheat keys cuz i dont have a keybord

  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    Is there a zip file with portraits i can download i cant save the pictures linked as most the puctures wont show

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,470

    Going through and doing this now but have some comments/questions:
    1, 2, 3, 5 (see note) , 6, 8 (See note), 12, 17 all done

    4 - On the phone, when you go into a dialog with someone, the left hand sidebar should go grey and the numbered buttons should show with the number relating to the dialog options. Is this what is showing for you?

    5 Note - Stackable Items: Weapons such as Swords etc would not be stackable. Only those items like gems, scrolls, ammo and throwing items would be stackable.

    7 - I am still loss here. Do you mean selecting spells, then finding the spell that you want by scrolling through the available spells? I am guessing here that you want all the spells to display on the first click. If so, I think you want Bubb's spell menu which doesn't work on the latest version of BG. He is busy working on an exciting project right now so wouldn't have the time to make any update to this mod in the near future...

    8. Characters moving faster: this is the lovely mod called Auto-Haste. It speeds up character walking when not in battle. In battle, everything is at normal speed (unless you cast haste of course).

    10 - Larger Buttons on Worldbar: Are you running scaled interface? Doing this may increase the size of the buttons, otherwise I think you may be stuck with that size icon/button.

    11 - for the console problem (and likely to fix the Bag of Holding problem), could you type the following command (exactly as it reads with capitalised letters etc, you could copy and paste if you want) into the bottom centre dialog box:

    This should place a Bag of Holding into your inventory. When the modfile is installed, the bag will be bottomless.

    15 - As a starter, you could have a look at this. It is the 'Super Ultimate' pack and has some reasonable images in it but I am not taken by all of them. Depending on what your file manager is, you should be able to filter and delete all of the S (small) images to clear up some room. You don't need these with EE. However, if you see an image that you like, you can get some fairly good image editors on Android and create a portrait from that.

    Still attempting to do (leaving the worst to last):
    9 - show tooltips for buttons etc
    13 - selecting multiple people
    14 - Portable shop (need to find the mod that did this then setup an icon to access it).


  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    Then I talked to someone and it gives me response options it only shows options in the text box it does not show buttons for the responses in the left-hand bar as you described.@gus

  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    Is there a list of console commands that plainly shows what to put to get the commands to work I've tried using commands and they didn't work however I got that bag of holding command to work

  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    @gus I looked at the portrait link you sent but it requires a computer I do not have a computer I only have an Android phone so I can't use it

  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    Also can you add a wand case

  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    alsois i possible to have unlimited ammo?

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,470
    Hi @twifox,

    re: UI response - what phone are you using? This sounds like a problem. I can edit an entry in the UI.MENU to show the responses (and will do), but this could be a bug.

    Console Commands: Have a look here. Just remember that the capitalisation needs to be there... It must begin with:
    C: or CLUAConsole:
    For a list of items/spells etc, there are plenty about, just do a search on the net or the forum.

    Portrait pack: This is only a .ZIP file and can be unpacked on the Android phone. What file manager are you using? There are many that handle zip file. If yours doesn't, you could grab hold of WinRAR for Android from Google Play and it will allow you to unpack.

    Wandcase: No probs

    Unlimitted Ammo: There will be some ammo cases waiting at the smithy shop care of 'Convinient Ammunition' mod.

    Showing location: Not having much success with this so may have to skip it.

    I have also added some other stuff that you haven't asked for such as XP cap removed and PNP spell charts etc.

    When I find the portable store, I will upload the version done till now. I am sure you have a buch of mods already installed which would have to be removed (in the short term) but they can be placed back in and tested after we get this right.


  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    only mod I have installed is a user interface

  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    Not sure if this is related to modding but for custom portraits in Baldur's Gate enhanced Edition when adding a custom portrait do you only need the large file or do you need the medium and small picture file to?

  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    Also where would I go for advice on making a party for a first-time playthrough of Baldur's Gate enhanced Edition has I can't decide what classes and races to use for a first-time playthrough for an easier play through

  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    Also I can't seem to find a way to get custom female voice sounds for Android without a computer. Sorry if there are so many post here I am new to forums and I'm just posting as I think of things

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,470
    @twifox, which use interface are you using. I could perhaps fit that into the modfile.

    For portraits, you only need the L and M versions. M = right side bar portrait and L = Character Record. They don't have to be the same picture but need to have the same naming convention with either L or M at the end (ie: mypicL.bmp and mypicM.bmp), I work on no more than 7 characters in the filename. You can go to 8 but I find some issues when that like duplication of images. I also have lowercase for all of the filename except the M/L. I generally have a torso or action shot for the L and a portrait for the M.

    If you have a browse of the BGEE section of this forum, you will find lots of advice on party structure and PC character types. You could try the canon party (PC - generally good aligned, Imoen, Jaheira, Kalid, Minsc & Dynaheir) or go for the more devilish side for a bit of evil play or a mixture of all. It is all about having fun. If this is your first time playing, I wouldn't worry about any of the mods (except fixes) and just play it for what it is. Pickup whoever and dump whoever just to get a feel for the game speaking with as many NPCs as you can. Then you will likely go through a power gaming phase , restartis phase, then into the more serious role playing phase... As far as your first character goes, it really depends on what type of game play you enjoy.

    For sounds: in the Files folder (where the folder 'portraits' is), you can create another folder called 'sounds'. I will assume here that you aren't creating your own but have a prepared pack already. Once you have identified the sound pack you want (and they are all .wav files with the right naming convention), you just copy them into the sounds folder (so they are in the root of that folder, not a subfolder). When you create you PC, or when you go to Customisation in the character record, it should show up. If the pack is one that uses WeiDU to install and the voice files are .ogg, then they will need to be converted first to .wav. If the pack uses WeiDU to install, but has .wav files, then most likely you can copy those .wav files into the 'sounds' folder for it to work. You will miss out on any subtitles that might be included but it isn't a biggy. If you have something in mind, point to it and I can have a look.

    Editing your post: If you aren't aware, when you float over your post, a gear shows in the top right hand corner, select that and you can edit your post to add. No probs with asking though so no need to apologise.


  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    I played Baldur's Gate enhanced Edition on a computer but didn't get very far before my computer died I generally don't like playing male characters in RPGs but I also don't like any of the voice files for the female characters in Baldur's Gate enhanced Edition and I cannot find where to where to download new voice files for the female characters, I did however find profile pics four characters I was not aware that you needed the medium-sized for the right hand side bar character portraits and the large picture for the character portraits thank you for informing me so I will try and edit my post from now on I was not able to remember how to edit posts

  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    New to this kind of DnD rules I've never played D&D before so some aspects of it are confusing me like the alignment I mainly want to party that can do whatever the heck they want and get away with it but are not precisely evil more of a, I'm going to Steel kill Rob plunder whatever and whoever I want but not from people I respect or like type of person, but I'm not sure what kind of alignment that would be

  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    Has to the user interface I'm on Android and the only change to the interface is having a console and in Auto roll other than that it's normal at least I think so but then I'm not good at editing those files so there may be other things that I'm not seeing changed

  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    edited May 13
    So I've been trying to play the game I have a guide for it but the guide is giving me locations in coordinates and I can't figure out a way to get the coordinates to show when I tap on an area

    Also it really sucks that almost all of the mods I have found need to be installed with the windows program called weidu and I can't find any female voice sets that that can be manually installed I really wish there was a way to install mods manually for some of the mods I found on the site

    I really wish I had a computer right now, alas seeing all these things that require a computer is torture when I only have an Android phone

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,470
    Hi @twifox,

    Modfile: Attached is the modfile with most of the requests complete. The only items not in the WeiDU.log is the console access and the store. You already know how to access the console and the links above will provide some info about the commands etc. There are item lists available through a search. The store is the second head down on the left hand bar. This will open the Thunderhammer Smithy store when selected.

    To install:
    - rename any current 'override' folder to 'override.old' - This will mean that anything in it will be excluded from the game. You can add things later (although from what I read, there shouldn't be anything else).
    - download the attachment
    - open the zip file and copy the content in the .zip to the following folder:
    What you should see is:
    Android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition/files/override (folder unpacked)
    Android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition/files/baldur.lua (file which should already be there)
    Android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition/files/ (file - do NOT unpack)

    You should now be able to start the game to test.

    To uninstall:
    - delete:
    Android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition/files/override (folder)
    Android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition/files/ (file)

    You should now be back at vanilla to either install another modfile or play vanilla...

    I haven't made any changes to the side menu (activating the number selection instead of touching the small text). I have tested this on my phone and have no problems, so something may have happened with your UI.MENU. Give it a test on your phone and if it is still a problem, I shall upload an update with the number selection activated but this means you should report the faulty UI as a bug.

    When I play on Android, I also use a phone and know how the small text is a problem. I have added an 'M_Fonts.lua' file which will increase the size of the text to make it a bit more readable. You can use this file in vanilla as well... I have also removed the words: 'Traveling' and 'Destination' from the Worldmap to reduce overlap. To increase the size of the font on the Worldmap, add the following line (thanks Bubb) to your baldur.lua:


    I have tried bigger but it wasn't really suitable.

    Alignment choices: sounds like you will be wanting to select 'Chaotic Neutral' or 'Neutral Evil' or maybe even Chaotic Evil...

    Here are a couple of threads you can have a look at:
    Morality and Alignment

    Alignment Wiki Page

    Have a look at the discussion for some great soundsets.

    As an example of how to install on Android, grab hold of the following soundset: Nathyrra Soundset (female voice).

    Using WinRAR for Android or 7Zip for Android or if your File Manager can handle .zip files, unpack the download (not in the game folder...). Drill down until you get to:
    \Nathyrra\SND\Nathyra\sounds\ and you will see a bunch of .wav files. Select those and copy to:


    If the 'sounds' folder does not exist, then create it with your File Manager. Once the .wav files are in the 'sounds' folder, start the game and create a new character and when you get to select the voice, there should be the Nathyra voice set available for use. You wont get the subtitles, but as said earlier, you wont miss much. If you grab another voicepack and the .wav files aren't there but have .ogg files in its place, then these will need to be converted to .wav. Not sure which application that would be for Android though. Also, if you grab other voice packs that don't use the WeiDU installer, but just have the .wav files, then you can copy these to the 'sounds' folder above.

    Unfortunately, I haven't found a work around for showing location.


  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    edited May 14
    I saw there's a mod for skipping candlekeep how do I do that?
    The number selection for text response works thank you storeworks haven't found any problems so far with a cursory test @gus

  • Allanon81Allanon81 Member Posts: 60
    I think you can just rename .ogg to .wav.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,470
    @twifox, if you speak to the guard, select option 2 (give me everything now), then you can head on down to Gorion and continue on... BTW, @gus wont tag me, you would need to use @Gusinda. Great that things are working for you.

    @Allanon81, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks! Will have to give it a go. I thought that they were a more compressed format.


  • twifoxtwifox Member Posts: 21
    edited May 16
    Thank you turns out that I needed to start a new game to get the guard to appear.
    Also I had something odd happened I had an identify scroll and try to identify an item but it wouldn't work unless it was a mage who identified it with the scroll

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,470
    @twifox, no probs. As for the scroll, it isn't really odd as the Identify scroll is only for arcane magic users.


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