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Returning player looking for kits & quest mods

Lazlo_ArcadiaLazlo_Arcadia Member Posts: 73
So I'm about to start a new play through and I'm looking for mods. I'm concerned that there is no single point finding the mods im interested in as they are all just embedded in the various threads on the forums (unlike say Nexus Mods for example). If anyone can suggest a good way to find specific types of mods I'd love to listen.

Secondly, the types of mods I'm looking for include:

Good mods for Rogues
Mods that allow for more flexibility on what class / kit / race you can be.
Mods that expand the role of the gods (Faiths and Powers?)

Other solid mods with a strong track record I'd love to take a look at. These are just the ones that jump out at me as "low hanging fruit".


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