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Rakshasa race as a PC

Hello all,

I am very interested in playing Baldur's gate I and II EE again, but with a very different race than what it allows currently. Is there a mod out there that allows players to choose Rakshasa as a race? I know there is a NPC Rakshasa Ranger currently that can be downloaded, but I actually would like to create a PC using that race. If not, than is it easy I could create a mod for that purpose and be pointed in the right direction on how to begin that journey?


  • AmmarAmmar Member Posts: 902
    Not sure how easy it would be to fully implement, but you can already get semi-decent results by setting your appearance to Rakhshasa in EEKeeper. However, there are several limitations:
    • No melee animations, regardless of equipped weapon it looks like you are attacking with your fist
    • No paperdoll

    However, Rakshasa have casting animations, so you are at least covered in that regard.

  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,008
    It really depends on how far you wanna go.with it. Aesthetical change (reskin)? racial abilities ? Change in people's reactions and dialogues throughout the game? Personal quest?

  • kstevens67kstevens67 Member Posts: 37
    Thanks for your comments, sadly it looks like EEKeeper does not work on a Mac which is what I have unless I wanted to go through Wineskin I would have to set up and there are no guarantees of course.

    I would not get too advanced, if I can just have an Aesthetic change and racial abilities and have Rakshasa listed under Race on the character screen, I think that would be good enough. The rest can be just using my own imagination so I wouldn't worry about people's reactions or a personal quest as I would be quite new to modding.

    I haven't created a mod before, but I can only guess that I could use the Rakshasa paper doll and animations that are already there in BG, I would then just need to add the racial abilities and add that to the character creation screen. This is all just random thoughts though and could be way off base :)

    It sounds like I would have to create a mod which I like coding anyway. Is there a basic mod guide I could use to start?

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