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What are Your Low-Down Dirty Tricks?



  • Gatekeep3rGatekeep3r Member Posts: 123
    I don't get the higher level special snares. A bountyhunter is supposed to capture people, right? Why freeze them in a Resilient Sphere or Maze?

  • Ark_ToleiArk_Tolei Member Posts: 69
    Invisibility=Counterspell. If you cast invisibility on the target of a spellcast before the spell is complete, it cancels the spell, wasting both the spell itself, and the round. Invisibility casts much faster than early game killers like lightning bolt, and if you appropriately pre-cast you can even interrupt spells that cast faster. You can burn low-mid level mages entire spellbooks with sufficient castings of invisibility, paired with the shield spell to negate the magic missile spam at the end. Mages tend to cast their most important spells first, which means even against many high level casters, you can completely defang them in this way. True sight gives no actual protection against this, because the act of becoming invisible causes the counterspell, irrespective of whether you become visible again before the spell would finish casting. Enemies that see through invisibility naturally are, however, immune to this strategy.

    Blind, just generally. You can trivially melee most blinded enemies to death from outside of their vision range with a 2her, and with a bit more positioning you can do the same with a 1her. For certain enemy AI's (hobgoblins, ghasts and others that share their ai pattern) you'll have to use a ranged weapon because they'll approach a melee attacker even if they can't see them. The only enemies that do this are easy to kill with ranged weapons, however. Things like Helmed horrors will just stand there getting beaten to death. Moving out of vision range of a spellcaster does not normally cancel their spell, but if you walk into vision of a spellcaster who is blinded, then walk out, it does cancel the spell, allowing you to do the invis strat mentioned above, just by walking.

    Cave bears, melee kobolds, and several other creatures have an AI pattern that will focus one target as long as they can see it, including if they can't actually reach the target. You can bait a cave bear to attack a target, and then put that character behind a chokepoint blocked by your other party members. No more kiting necessary, just beating it to death in complete safety. This can be done to any melee just by using an invisible blockade, but an invisible blockade is nowhere near as cheesy as a fully visible blockade stabbing with swords.

    Enemies with IWD AI (I'm reasonably sure the snow trolls have this, based on their recent behavior, and just about everything in SoD does this) will continuously move toward your protagonist once they've been aggro'd, if they don't have a target visible. They also "call for help", aggroing nearby enemies. You can combine these effects to easily wipe entire maps, by making your protagonist invisible and separating them from the party, aggroing an enemy with another character, then getting out of LoS with that character. The enemy will eventually start moving toward your protagonist, and will alert all nearby enemies, who will do the same. Pick up every enemy on the map this way, then aoe bomb them from out of sight with your other characters.

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