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Helping Friend with account

KazhangKazhang Member Posts: 11
Hi, I have the beamdog client, no issues

My friend downloaded it to check if he owned BG1/2EE and he tried to log in, couldn't remember his password, so he reset it.

He got the email link - clicked on it, said that beamdog could not find that account, so he tried to register with the same email, and then it comes up with "This email is already registered to the account" So when he tried to send himself a new email, it never shows up (spam/etc folders checked)

Any ideas? he has games on there we would like to play.


  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,139
    Ask your friend to send a message to our support -
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