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Weird AI hotkey

The E key in my BG2 game has a weird hotkey behaviour. Every time I press it a label is displayed on top of my summoned creatures that first says "AI active" and then "AI inactive". I've mapped my E key to Select All and I use it all the time, so this is quite annoying. I don't know if it has any actual effects in the game.

My key bindings setup correctly shows the E key mapped to Select All. I guess this might come from a mod, but a quick look didn't reveal this hotkey in the documentation of the mods I use. Just in case, anyway, my mods are Tweaks Anthology, SCS, Portraits everywhere, Lighting pack, Jimfix, EE UI Tweaks, Inferno. I reinstalled everything a few days ago (to upgrade to SCS v32, not to fix this), but it's still happening in this fresh installation.


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