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What mods to install to turn my Fighter-Thief into a Kensai-Thief?

American_DesiAmerican_Desi Member Posts: 6
Hi everyone, I'm a relative newcomer to the EE edition of Baldur's Gate. I dabbled in installing mods on the older version of BG but that was a while ago. Now I'd like to try it again for my Fighter-Thief character on my Steam version of BG:EE for MacOS. Specifically, I'd like to change him into a Kensai-Thief, remove the restriction on weapon proficiencies so that he can attain grand mastery/full mastery in all weapons, and if possible, make it so he can wear any armor, bracers, or helmets that a thief could wear. My question is, are there any mods that work with BG:EE (Mac/Steam version) that would let me do that, and if so, can you point me in the direction of how to obtain them?

Thanks in advance!


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