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Story mode in BGEE doesn't let you knock-out NPC's?

PlakePlake Member Posts: 5
Hi there, playing BGEE on steam and android and currently trying to get the achievements for solo-run and story mode in one go. Picked an F/M/T half-elf and am trying to get to the content of the locked chest on the second floor of the candlekeep inn with that npc in front of it.
In a normal game I knock him out and loot the chest, but on story mode, even without any weapon equipped, one hit with my fists knocks him out, but he I immediately also gets poison damage and dies, dropping my rep to 4...

Since both settings (solo & story mode) are (imo) the worst ways to play BG, esp. in a combo, I want to get rid of both in one playthrough.
Do I have to miss out on all the loot in locked chests "guarded" by npc's?


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