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AvlisAvlis Member Posts: 6

"A world born in an age of strife, when the demon Negarai brought forth from another dimension nine prisoners who were to become gods. A world of magic, where vortices of raw power give birth to all things arcane and divine. A world of steel, where great battles engulf the entire continent of Negaria, forever changing her face, her peoples, and marking the epochs of time. A world of balance, where no one philosophy or race holds sway. This is fantasy. This is Avlis."

Avlis is a persistent world based on the Neverwinter Nights platform. Avlis is a high fantasy, lore rich world with intense roleplay where your character and the characters around you come alive. Come join us and experience a living, breathing fantasy world come to life.

  • Active for over 15 years
  • Creative roleplayers and Active DM/QA staff.
  • 9 servers that serve the world
  • Unique established setting, history, and lore
  • Custom races including avariel, orcs, half-nymphs, lizardmen, the unique changeling, and more!
  • Holy Warrior classes available for all nine alignments based off of the Avlis pantheon
  • AMS arcane system allows mages to use spells in new and interesting ways
  • Unique combat modifications for both casters and martial combatants
  • Non standard spells such as dimension door
  • Psionics class
We look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to join our discord and ask any questions.

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